Frequent Questions

Moving Company Frequent Questions

At Best Movers Tampa Moving and Storage our main goal is to help make your next move as stress-free as possible. Call us with your questions or concerns.
You can call us and arrange a free moving estimate. Our prices are highly competitive yet fair. Call us anytime. (888) 277-1052
Perishable foods should be disposed of or given away and not stored for a move. They can spoil and damage your other valuables. Hazardous chemicals should be disposed of and items using them should be emptied (such as gas mowers etc.)

We have experience packing and moving all kinds of specialty items. Everything from grand pianos and irregular aquariums to antique furniture. Let our skilled staff properly prepare your items and ship them so that they arrive in great condition.

Not all moves happen like clockwork. Sometimes you need to store your items temporarily. This can become a major headache. Not so with our storage service. We can store hold your items until you are ready for them.

While you can pack some items before we arrive, we don’t recommend it. We have the experience that comes from years of packing to know how to most efficiently and safely pack your items for you. We can’t be responsible for damage caused to previously packed items. We are more than happy to do this job for you.

We accept all major credit cards (including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover), cash, checks and money orders.

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